Why Is Erika Casher Tennessee Cigna Nurse Fired? Everything To Know About The Case

Tennessee Cigna Nurse fired? The public wants to find out why Tennesse Cigna nurse Erika Casher terminated.

In an Tennessee school board meeting, Erika Casher, a certified nurse who spoke out against school masking mandates.

After being identified by social media platforms as the woman on film laughing with a young man speaking at an Rutherford County school board meeting concerning his grandmother’s passing from COVID-19. She sparked the social media furore.

A Tennessee high school student is adamantly pleading to wear masks on a viral video which has become all over social media platforms, to improve the health and wellness of his family, himself as well as his fellow students. Grady Knox claimed that his grandma passed away from Covid due to “someone wasn’t wearing a mask.” But the video shows an adult female sitting next to him, mocking his actions tennessee cigna nurse fired.

Why Is Erika Casher Tennesse Cigna Nurse Fired? Twitter Video Explained

Erika Casher, a nurse at Cigna was fired in response to a viral photo that showed her laughing briefly while an Rutherford child was sharing the story of his grandmother’s tragic death.

According to Meaww Knox was among seven students who called on for the Rutherford County Board of Education to mandate the use of masks during the week prior to an open hearing on September 7 2021.

Knox On contrary is slammed and amused by some people in the school board’s audience in the clip that is now a viral hit through social networks. Casher, the woman in front of him with the “Let Out Kids Smile’ sign was laughing as he explained that his grandmother’s death from Covid-19 after being exposed by an individual who didn’t wear masks. Her story went viral, and many people on social media calling for her to be punished for her actions.

As per Heavy, Cigna was contacted to inquire about the firing of Casher following social media posts that were made that claimed to be unsubstantiated however we’re yet to hear from them.

In a recent update a friend who works at Cigna has confirmed that Erika was fired. The claims were made on Reddit and isn’t yet verified.

Erika Casher Age And Family

Erika Casher is age 36. According to reports on the internet she is currently living within Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

There isn’t much information on the family of the nurse can be found.

Erika Casher Twitter And Facebook

According to Techno Trenz Erika’s Facebook profile has been removed from Facebook. It is also reported that her LinkedIn page was also deleted, but some of her posts portray Erika as an Cigna account manager. She previously been an registered nurse in various hospitals and hospices.


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