Who Is Karina Obregon? Meet Vicente Fernandez Jr Ex-Wife On Instagram

Karina Obregon is the ex-wife of Mexican singer Vincent Fernandez Jr. Find out more about her like her age and children in this article.

Karina Obregon is the ex-wife of Veteran Mexican Singer, Vincent Fernandez Jr. Their marriage ended on a sour note.

The couple is fighting an ongoing legal battle despite having ended their relationship. Obregon has claimed that her ex-partner was guilty of assault and physical assault on her then 14 year old daughter.

Who Is Karina Obregon? Vincent Fernandez Jr Ex-Wife

Karina Obregon is the ex-wife of Vincent Fernandez Jr.

Vincent is an established Mexican musician. He is well-known for his hit singles Dese Que Tu Te Fuiste and Sin Papeles. He is 56 years old, and has been entertaining his fans for more than three decades.

While Karina as well as Vincent have divorced but they’re still fighting in a legal fight. Karina has accused her ex-husband of abuse and assaulting her and sexual assault against her 14-year-old daughter.

She also has reported death threats to Vincent for which he has been widely condemned. She has stated her desire to get justice to her daughter regardless of the surname which has been used to support her ex-husband.

Karina Obregon Age & Wiki Explored

Karina Obregon’s ages are not known. Her age is not known yet. her age to the public.

Karina is keeping her private information private and hasn’t posted anything private via social networks. We also couldn’t locate any wiki data on Karina.

We’re hoping to bring it up to date in the near future.

Meet Karina Obregon Kids and Find Out Her Net Worth

In a conversation with her children, Karina Obregon’s daughter was accused of sexual assault by her former lover Vincent. She’s filed a complaint and is currently in a legal battle in court with the man she left her for.

Apart from that, there’s no information about Karina’s children on the internet. Karina hasn’t shared any information through any of her online social networking sites.

In terms of the amount of her wealth, Kaina Obregon’s net worth is being reviewed. Kaina, the ex-wife of Mexican singer Vincent has not revealed the amount of her earnings. But, her ex-partner is estimated to have a net worth of $2 million.

Meet Karina Obregon On Instagram

We were unable to locate Kaina Obregon’s photo on Instagram.

But, her ex-husband is on the platform with the username @vicentefdzjr9. He is verified with 202k followers. He has posted 250 posts to date through the platform.

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