Marlo Kelly Wikipedia (Dare Me Cast) Age, Home and Away, Height, Boyfriend and Family

Marlo Kelly is 23 is an Australian actor and TV host. At present, she lives on New York and is busy working on the USA Network Series “Dare Me”. It is important to note that she came into the spotlight at a young age with the Australian popular TV show “Home and Away”. Indeed, her extraordinary performance on the show has given Marlo an extended distance into New York. In actual the series “Dare Me” is a novel-based series that wasthe work of Beth Cassidy.

Who is Marlo’s Boyfriend? Into her Family

In 2020 there is no indication of Marlo Kelly is dating anyone. Additionally she hasn’t dropped any hint of her boyfriend. While browsing through every social media account she hasn’t shared one single photo of her lover. It is possible that she is engaged in her photography and other activities and has no time to become more famous.

How Tall is Marlo Kelly? Height & Weight Info

The exact measurement of Marlo Kelly is not available on the internet. But, her measurement is around 5′ and 6 inches. With a similarly slim physique her figure is an attractive Australian beauty. In addition, if you look through her Instagram profile there are more than 4 thousand followers on Instagram. Additionally she has an incredible collection of pictures that she has posted on her profile. One of the most recent pots on her account was on “Dare Me” episode 4 shoot day.

Home and Away Cast Kelly’s Acting Career

There are a lot of TV shows “Home and Away” is one of the most watched Australian daytime soaps. As it turns out, “Home and Away” is among the oldest shows in Australia that started in 1988. Similar to that, Marlo Kelly played the part as Skye Peters on Home and Away. The series was from the year 2015 to the year the year 2016. In addition, it was the first ever TV show Marlo was a part of during the course of her career as an actor. Thus, the show brought her fame and also made her work long to get to the position she is now.

How Old is Marlo? Her Age as of 2020

Marlo Kelly’s age by 2020 is 23. In the same way she began her career acting at an early age and has made an impressive mark in the world of acting.

‘Dare Me’ Star Marlo Kelly Wikipedia Info

According to Marlo Kelly’s Wikipedia information Marlo Kelly was born and was raised in Australia. In addition, she was she was born in 1997, and her parents purchased her from the western part of Sydney. Furthermore, there is no specifics in her education and university. Additionally, she was involved in acting from a young age of just 19. As soon as the show, Dare Me aired on December 29th in 2019, it was getting a lot of attention. The series is on its 4th episode, and is receiving favorable reviews.

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