Gabby Petiti Case: Influencer Nina Celie Angelo Is a Witness to Gabby Petiti Murder

Gabby Petiti’s murder trial gets a new twist after the testimony of the witness Nina Celie Angelo.

The Gabby Petiti trial broke open after witnesses provided the most important information. A frequent Instagram follower, Nina Celie Angelo shared an account of witnessing a dispute in a restaurant between Gabby with her husband at the restaurant.

Gabby was the subject of a social media storm after she went missing for more than one month, until her body was discovered couple of days in the past. People online are doing to track down her killer.

Her husband, Brian Laundrie is a major suspect and is currently on the run.

Fact Check: Gabby Petiti Death was a Murder

Gabby Petiti’s died a couple of days ago after her remains were discovered in Wyoming.

There was a lot of speculations about her death being murder and her husband is the primary suspect. A new witness has come forward and it appears that everything is clearer than ever before.

Nina Celie Angelo came forward on Instagram declaring that she had more details about the matter. According to her assertions she witnessed Gabby and her fiancé fighting in the restaurant.

With the latest evidence and witnesses coming to light it’s more likely that Gabby Petito’s death was actually a murder.

Gabby Petiti Age and Parents: Is She on Wikipedia?

Gabby Petiti was a 22-year old woman who went missing in the latter part of August.

The case became the focus of national attention after her disappearance attracted an abundance of attention from the media as well as social media. Her remains were discovered in Wyoming just a few days ago.

The parents of her reported Gabby Petito’s disappearance when she did not return home for a prolonged period. Her husband returned on September 1, but decided not to discuss her, according to her Wikipedia.

However, when she did not come back home over a period of 10 days her family reported it to police. The fiance of her, Brian Laundrie is yet to be located.

Nina Celie Angelo Instagram: Who is she?

Nina Celie Angelo is a witness who has shared the story which involved Gabby Petiti as well as Brian Laundrie on Instagram.

According to her Insta post she had seen two of them at an Mexican eatery in Wyoming on the 27th of August. Nina was at the same restaurant as her boyfriend.

She is through Instagram here.

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