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What is Baba Ijebu Lotto?

Baba Ijebu (also called Baba Ijebu pay me my money) is today a household name in Nigeria. There's not a single place within Nigeria (aside of a handful of Northern states) in which you don't hear the name. Baba Ijebu is the street name of Premier Lotto Limited which is one of the largest lottery and betting on sports events firms in Nigeria. Premier Lotto, one of the longest-running lottery companies in Nigeria was established in 2001, shortly when that the Federal Government of Nigeria approved lottery betting and sports betting. The game grew to be so popular in Lagos which was the place where it all began and also where the headquarters continues to be until today. The lottery has certainly gained the trust of many Nigerians.

It may be interesting to know that "Baba Ijebu" is more well-known than the phrase "Premier Lotto'. In reality, many of the lottery players don't know the names of the company that runs it. The name "Baba Ijebu is derived directly from Yoruba language which refers to an elderly person from Ijebu (a area located in Ogun State of Nigeria). The term originated through the native dialect spoken by the CEO and founder of Premier Lotto Limited - Sir Kensington Adebukunola Adebutu CON KJW, FISM who is from Ikene in Ogun State, Nigeria. In time, the expression "Baba Ijebu paymemydough" is also becoming well-known on the streets.

"The Baba Ijebu, pay my dough game which deals with prediction. You will be able to select a number of numbers, and put your money into the numbers. If at minimum two numbers are drawn the winner will win a large sum of money. The amount you could win rises by increasing the amount you bet as well as the kind the game that you choose to play and the amount of numbers in the draw. Different games have various multipliers. They are the ones that count as the odds of winning for the lottery. The amount you win winning is the staked amount multiplied by the multiplier.

Once the results are published the results are released as two sets of five numbers - winning numbers as well as machine numbers. The winning numbers, as they sound are numbers that determine the winners. These are the real results you need to be aiming for since if you choose numbers that are in this category then you've won. The machine number, however, could be a near missed. It's thought to be the final set of numbers generates after the number has produced the winning outcome. There are many theories that machine numbers have huge potential, however.

Are you trying to figure out how to find out the Baba Ijebu result, aren't you? You're on the right page since we have the most accurate result for babaijebu every day, all the time and any time.

How To Check Baba Ijebu Result On Mtn

Are you aware that you can test the results of Ijebu using your MTN sim? It's fast and easy however, it comes at cost. The cost you must pay is to purchase the Baba Ijebu Premier card. It allows you to access results from babaijebu right through your mobile phone. And that's not all. the premier card comes with the pin that you send via SMS to 32240. You can also text 07030000280. The result will be sent to your phone in the one second.

How to check Baba Ijebu Online Result

To find out baba Ijebu's game result is simpler than it was before, where you had to visit a an office of the premier lotto near the place you played to verify the result. No longer is that the case because we have modern technology and technology will not go away anytime soon So you can check your result online on this article since we update our results every day. Aren't you amazed? So relax and enjoy.

Baba Ijebu Result For Today 2022/2023

Baba Ijebu Past Result

Here are the previous results for Baba Ijebu for the previous days and weeks. Find Baba Ijebu's old results as well as results from yesterday. We will keep this page updated by adding Baba Ijebu past result for August 2022. Check for the midweek results super lotto jackpot, gold lotto and super lotto results from the past here.

We're working on making changes to this page with the Baba Ijebu results for the date of August 6, 2022. Stay tuned to this page as we'll give you the previous results as well as the most current baba ijebu results from yesterday on this site.

When we've compiled the Baba Ijebu's results over the last weeks and days the results will be published here. Presently, we post regular updates on the Baba ijebu website and also on this page. If we get a new update, we'll make sure that you're informed of the results from Baba Ijebu.

Baba Ijebu's results for yesterday is available here. Baba Ijebu's past results are available and we are working on compiling everything to make it easier for you to verify. You can participate in Baba ijebu games for today. We will give predictions to you soon on Baba Ijebu's Enugu vag, and more.

For updates about Baba Ijebu Results Today You can leave your message so that you will receive updates from us at the right time. We will also ensure that you don't miss an update on Baba Ijebu current results.

Baba Ijebu Results - Today, Yesterday, Past Results Winning Numbers | LiveScore24

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